3 Cheap Date Spots to bring your partner/date!

As 2018 comes to an end, it’s important to make use of the time we have left to bring your other half out on a date (if you haven’t already) to show some appreciation. We’ve compiled the best date spots in the Klang Valley for you & your partner to enjoy together. But if you’re single, have no worries! These date spots are still very much first date-worthy!



You may be asking why in the world would I bring my partner out on a date at IKEA? First of all, there’s nothing more romantic than furniture shopping for you & your partners imaginary future home. & if this is your first date, you’ll have countless opportunities to impress him/her by creating puns from all the weirdly named furnitures. But the best part of having a date at IKEA? The food. It looks expensive. It tastes expensive. But it isn’t expensive! (actually, the price is the best part). No one can turn down a plate of meatballs & a mini mountain of chicken wings. But be prepared to buy your date a plush toy if the date goes well. 😉


2. Desa Park City 

Unsure if your date is an outdoors person or someone that prefers being indoors? (if he/she is your partner, you should know by now…) Have no fear! Desa Park City is here! There’s a multitude of things in Desa Park City that can be done on a date. Such as cycling around the lake, taking your dog for a walk at the park &  having a picnic by the lake. But if your date is more of an indoors person, there’s a variety of restaurants, cafes & bistros that you can visit to have a nice cup of coffee, a hearty meal or a little something sweet(to share). Whatever it is you decide to do, Desa Park City never fails because of the choices you’ll have!


3. Jalan Alor

Already a great date spot on it’s own, Jalan Alor can also be used to compliment an existing date idea! Brought your date out for a late night movie & now you both are feeling hungry? Slow down there, Tiger!There’s better places than a mamak or fast food places!

Head over to Jalan Alor & be blown away with the variety of cuisines they have to offer! We recommend the Ikan Bakar as it’s perfect for sharing & you can show how macho you are but making it look like the sambal isn’t a problem for you whatsoever!

Now that we’ve assembled the best & the cheapest date spots in the Klang Valley, it’s time to pick your phone up, call your partner/date & bring them out for a date they’ll never forget!

We promise you that these places MemangWin & hopefully that isn’t the only thing you win that night! (Who knows, you may win his/her heart!) 


Written by eppylio

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